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Fail-safe UPS Power

We bring you a host of UPS power protection systems, power inverters, hybrid solar inverters, automatic voltage stabilizers, line conditioners and battery monitoring & care systems innovatively designed to meet the needs of modern information technology equipment and infrastructure of todays and tomorrow.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable power generation systems using a single or a combination of renewable technologies to produce electricity can help you become more sustainable and self-reliant; Whether it is on-grid (grid-connected), off-grid, or hybrid systems, we can provide you the solutions and help you achieving your aspirations.

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Power Solutions to keep you protected

Synergict Connect are an UK leading provider of fail-safe power protection systems, power generating equipment and renewable energy solutions, comprising a wide range of solutions from automatic voltage stabilizer, power line conditioners and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to solar photovoltaic (PV) power system and emergency backup generator sets.

In Synergict, we believe in providing a correctly-sized solution rather than just selling equipment.  Our fundamental approach to fail-safe power and renewable energy solutions is they must provide total reliability, optimum performance and ease of use.

Ultimately, providing you a peace-of-mind is our utmost priority.

UPS, Inverter and Battery Solutions