About Us

Having experienced first-hand during the times of how reliable power supply is, or in our case the unreliability of it, that caused havoc in daily lives, like darkness in grocery shops, searing heat in schools, chaotic scenes in road junctions due to malfunction of traffic light systems, sweltering heat and sweat in offices where working people are removing their jackets and ties in their desperate search of coolness in which the only visible lights come in the form of candles, we are determined to make sure power supply will not again be a deterrent factor in modern living. Synergict was formed to carry this vision.

We are engineering and technology professionals who excel in the area of power protection & conditioning and power generating solutions. Coming off our experience and years in the power supply markets, our solutions are designed to meet modern ICT needs for clean, reliable and sustainable power. We believe that a good power protection solution is one that can withstand harsh power conditions and demanding climatic environment.

Through our business-to-business approach and training workshops which we regularly conduct with our support partners, we are committed to build on our existing strength in sub-Saharan countries. Power protection may lie in the core of what we do, our ambition to build a greener world by harnessing sustainable power source shall provide us the driving force forward. We envisage and strive to being a leading power continuity solutions provider in the African continent through our strong belief of Synergict founding principles:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to deliver what we promise
  • Integrity and trust

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