Whether you are thinking about ICT infrastructure, from network uptime to meeting deadlines, or cost-saving measures of utility, from reducing dependency of fuels to solar PV electricity generation, it is right for you to look at all options before deploying the most cost-effective way to help your organization. A well-thought power protection scheme is unequivocally vital for businesses and organization of any sizes. It should be an integral part of their business continuity plan. Without proper power protection, valuable data and expensive hardware infrastructure which form the life blood of the organization will be corrupted, damaged or permanently irrecoverable.

Similarly, solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology has advanced in so many ways, from increase of efficiency of PV modules to multi-MPPT inverter, pushing boundary of PV power applications ever wider.

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Fail-safe UPS Power

We bring you a host of UPS power protection systems, power inverters, hybrid solar inverters, automatic voltage stabilizers, line conditioners and battery monitoring & care systems innovatively designed to meet the needs of modern information technology equipment and infrastructure of todays and tomorrow.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable power generation systems using a single or a combination of renewable technologies to produce electricity can help you become more sustainable and self-reliant; Whether it is on-grid (grid-connected), off-grid, or hybrid systems, we can provide you the solutions and help you achieving your aspirations.

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